Battery draining issue

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My battery not even lasting 1 hour with screen on or 3 hours with screen off

It has been after the 0.87 update

Will Asus fix this issue in the next update or we have to get a new smartphone of other brand

Is anyone else facing the same issue

My device has been 2.5 years old and still my battery backup was good until last 0.82 update

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    Pl calibrate battery, stopping background apps, check in safe mode if same issue persists try factory reset. Check out when battery safer is turned ON

  • Hi, we'd request you follow the below steps:

    1. Clear system cache.

    2. Try the same under safe mode:

    Hold the power button for 5 seconds => When the screen flashes with option => Press & hold power option => You will get an option to restart in safe mode

    3. If still you face the issue

    factory reset your phone after taking a full backup :

    4. Last option would be to visit

    the service center to have a check. Locate here:

  • mailme.sujoy220mailme.sujoy220 Level 1
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    I am facing the same issue . Battery drains within 2 hrs after the update . My battery backup is good before the update. Please bring new update and solve the problem

  • Yes I have followed all your steps but the issue is yet to be resolved

    I guess the problem is in the asus 0.87 update

    Can I know when asus will be rolling out next stable update or else I need to switch to a new phone since it's difficult to carry a smartphone which lasts only for 2 hours

  • Shubham SharmaShubham Sharma Level 1
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    And moreover it's been heating a lot even if in idle condition and also while charging the temperature goes upto 44°C . My screen has come off , perhaps due to the heat, the glue melted

    Battery drains 50% overnight

    And also it charges up to full pretty much fast like in 1 hr.

    Earlier it was taking 2.5 - 3 hr and would last 1-1.5 day easily with normal usage

  • I am also facing the same issue ! My charging speed has gone up to 1 hr

  • AJ1AJ1 Level 3

    Yeah that's true did u checked with SC if probably there can b a chance of bad battery & may need to replace that. I had replaced my battery & was working good with 3 days of battery in single charge, but when I updated it to. 87 my phone's battery is getting discharged overnight almost from 60% to 0% totally discharged, then I tried using in safe mode for a day nothing happened but in safe mode 15% discharged overnight, I'm now only charging till 60-80% & yes giving some relief of this discharged till now.

    Can u try the same charging till 80% may this can help for some time.

    That's also true that there is some 🐛 or some hardware / software issue on some devices where this discharging issue is still not resolved & sure that asus will not take a note & work on this as they only have 1 option for every issues. & that still they are not able to manage this.

    Try to turn on Battery saver & check as in my device it is working opposite rather than saving battery it is getting discharged fastly.

  • If I change my battery . Then any problem to be able ?

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    Hmm... Not sure but shud be solved. As even I hav that question if for e.g 50 mobiles r working on. 87 update, where 15 mobiles are facing issues after updating to. 87 but other remaining are not facing the issues on same update. Then probably there may b some issue in hardware if asus claims that no bug on. 87 update. If not, then there may b bugs coming on phones while updating the mobile to. 87 update.

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    @ayan.brahmachary how did you figure out the CPU issue ? Did you visit service center? If not kindly let us know the process ? Did your battery backup is good after downgrading ?

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    @mailme.sujoy220 got this CPU stats from GSAM Battery Monitor. I have given it battery stat access and hidden API access.

    If someone observes carefully last good ROM was 0.82 (or something like this).. After updating to 0.84 the problem stared but that time battery issue was not such significant. It just increased a bit. From 0.87 the battery issue got severe. Android OS and Kernel is always using the CPU.

    Service centre would not help. They will push you to get a replacement battery with a hefty cost. But It will not help with the battery issue. Myself and my friend bought our phone same day and we both were having same issue after updating to 0.84 & 0.87.. But now after changing to Lineage OS my friend's battery issue is resolved. Thats why I'm also considering to may be switching to Lineage OS.

  • Switching to Custom ROM Would be a better option already.

    Pick up some stock ones, like Paranoid proving to be both battery and performance efficient.

    Most Importantly No Bugs at all!!

    Besides, I also used to get some battery drain in Default asus Stock ROM (Not Sure which version, maybe 9 or could be 10), remember restricting battery use in background for most of the apps. Check Out If That works.

  • @ayan.brahmachary did you visit service center ? Did your problem solve ? What dif service center say ?

  • I hv download and flashed .82 version rom. Its now much better. Only losing 5-6% in whole night idle. Previously with . 87 version it was around 15-20% at night

  • 087 version is a real battery eater . Mine consuming 10 percent per hour for normal chrome browsing... Before it was 6 to 7 percent only.

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