TUF Gaming FX505GT Laptop Not Performing Well



  • Same trouble! On FX506IU!!!

  • I've do steps above and my desktop is doing well but when I open for example CS GO myCPU is underclocking from 4 GHz t o 3,50 Ghz and CPU usage is 100%

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    please fix these issues ASAP Asus 🙏 my works depend on my laptop (FX505GT). even it is in idle mode and not opening any program at all, i noticed some lags just by moving my cursor around.

  • Hello guys i'm also FX505 gt user and i have the same problem freq is below 1 GHz and i'm in bios 307 version what can i do to solve this problem

  • ""After upgrading the bios desktop window manager (DWM.EXE) consumes 80-90% of gpu usage which causes the stutter and lag in all the activities , the solution I found is downgrading the graphics driver from 457.09 to 451.67 fixes this problem . I tried this multiple times whenever I upgraded the drivers from GEFORCE experience laptop started to stutter and lag and when downgraded to older version of the driver it fixed it"" try this and hope it solves your problem . (download the old graphics driver from my asus )

  • Crazy how clients are figuring out solutions but asus has done nothing so far but have one message saying we are anylizing the problem been almost two weeks , was told asus was the way too go they are not looking too great with this problem that they made them self

  • Thanks for replying i disabled some services from system configuration like someone mentioned before and until now it works perfectly, hope that asus comes with solution ASAP.

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    Similar bad performance issues on my end. Doing a hard restart (unplugging power and holding power button for 30+ seconds, then plugging power back in and starting up) seems to fix things but I have to power down that way every time or the issues come back - running latencymon after the hard restart shows no issue, but shows an issue immediately after just a regular restart. It's amazing that this seems to be happening with asus Tufs in general and they don't roll things back until these issues can be resolved. It's really making me doubt that I'll stay with ASUS for my next computer, which is a shame since I've had no complaints really until now, but this whole thing feels pretty unacceptable. Anyways, thanks guys for the work-arounds!


    Also, I spent the last 3 days trying to figure out if it was drivers, etc. And it seems that the last few months have just been a parade of terrible software updates from ASUS with no guidance on how to fix the issue. At least my fans are working again now. Who knows how many rigs' hardware are being damaged by this nonsense?

  • I must thank this great man. Finally solved my problem by your 2nd solution, I have to say that I will never ever recommend asus computers or buy another one due to this issue. It made me reformat all the data of my computer, lose some university work and frustrated me because it was a basically new computer with this problem. THANK YOU MAN.

  • do you have a link in where i can download the bios 308?

  • I have some problem but little different. If my computer goes into sleep mode then I turn it back on that's when the stuttering or lag occurs. My device is TUF FX505GT.


    I've created an account with the sole purpose to thank you for this solution. I've tried in vain all week to solve this problem and was really fouling up my mood. Nothing else worked except constantly hard resetting my laptop. Ridiculous that there is such a fundamental issue caused by ASUS services, awful service.

  • Dear all,

    For FX505G series having performance issue after updating to new BIOS, we are working on the solution.

    We currently suggesting downgrade to previous BIOS version.

    Other solutions are welcome to share here and I will keep record and report them.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will keep you all updated if there is anything new.

    And if there is other model, or other issue in this thread, please kindly open another one.

    Thank you.

  • How do you downgrade to the previous BIOS version Blake?

  • Hey guys im having the same issue but with bios 307. Since i dont have a usb to downgrade, i used this method instead. You guys can try too.

    Download throttlestop

    Open it. There's a tpl box in power right section. Click it. Then in right side, the values are 5 and 5. Change to 45 and 60 respectively. Click ok.

    Now in main screen, turn off 'disable turbo' and save.


    Ps i got it from another forum but i can't post links since im a new member.

  • Hello knowlesy141,

    The same way as upgrading.

    Please kindly use EZ flash to do so.

    Thank you.

  • This solution works! I have also suddenly issues of lagging, and don't know how it came. btw thanks for this

  • There's a new update 309 from myasus!!

  • Can you upgrade it? Here in my appliaction says it is downloaded and needs to restart my pc. After restarting nothing happens, it doesnt upgrade it. Still on 307

  • OMG this WORKED.

    I throw my panties upon your nerd stage, you are a true hero to the people

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