TUF Gaming FX505GT Laptop Not Performing Well

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Detailed description:Around October 17-19, my laptop(BIOS 308, the latest offered by MyASUS) performance suddenly decreased. For example, playing videos games my FPS would be 60 normally, but now it is 9-30. Overall, there are stuttering and lagging when playing video games. My internet is working fine. Streaming videos, doing multiple tasks, or downloading, there are noticeable lag. MyASUS(V2.2.44.0) checkup shows there may be an issue with the fan. I've went to Nvidia Control Panel and set it to High-Performance Nvidia Processor, Power Option and set to High Performance and still nothing. Using Turbo mode, the fans are somewhat quiet and CPU/GPU fan kicks up to 2800-2900 RPM. Normally, using Turbo mode, the laptop emits a very loud noise and CPU/GPU fan kicks well over 5000-5500 RMP. So something is wrong here. I've also installed ASUS System Control Interface V2( V2.2.30.0) and reinstall MyASUS and the problem still persist. I've also resetted my laptop twice and it fixed nothing. I've checked Task Manager and Armoury Crate(V3.1.6.0), CPU/GPU temperatures seems fine. I'm not tech savy and not sure what is going on. Could it be CPU/GPU fan? Or motherboard? If you need more information to help a guy out, please ask.

Edit: I also should mention when I do Full Scan on Window Virus Security, it usually take 15-20 minutes and utilization of CPU is 98-99%. Now, it takes slighty longer and utilization of CPU is around 33%. I don't know if that info will help. I've also never underclocked or overlocked my CPU because I don't know how to do that.

Edit 2: I've emailed ASUS about the issue. It will take 48 hours for them to get back. I will update as soon as ASUS respond.

Thank you

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    I am having the same problem, before I updated the to BIOS 308 (was on BIOS 305), my fx505gt started having problems where the GPU clocks would stay at 1395mhz (base clock) and wouldn't boost any higher even though it was sitting at only 46C, and I was getting on average 20 FPS slower in most games. On a different discussion, a mod advised another person to update to the latest bios, which would 'fix the problem,' however it has just made the problem worse. Clocks are still not boosting and in HWinfo64 it states the GPU was pulling 15w when playing games, but it should be 50w and the temps on CPU and GPU were consistently below 55 degrees, so I see no reason for the GPU to stay at base clocks. Please help

    EDIT: I forgot to add that my CPU is now running at only 800mhz and has a consistent 97% usage.

    Could this be a bottle necking problem, for the both of us?

  • Exactly same issue I am facing from last few days. I have also met few peoples who all are facing similar problems and we are all on one telegram group. Cant add link here so please see the video on YouTube of this guy Ishaan Mahajan

  • So he fixed it by rolling back to BIOS 305. It fixes the problem, but is it wise to do that? Maybe ASUS is looking into the problem and hopefully releases an update

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    I think rolling the BIOS firmware back is the only option at the moment, although I have to keep unplugging and plugging the charger in to the laptop every time I do a cold boot then it jumps back to what the speeds should be.

  • i also facing same issue that you guys are facing

    when i run my asus app diagnostic it show false result that my fan have a issue .

    also my laptop hanging suddenly anytime whether i work with light program or heavy program i dont know why .

    does anybody facing same issue???

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    Yea my laptop used to just stay stuck when loading onto Warzone or other intense tasks, but I'm not sure about the fan issue thing, it may have something to do with the update idk?

  • I believe it is a false result with MyASUS about the fans. Because a lot of people got "There may be an issue with the fan" after hardware diagnosis. Around September, MyASUS also had a false result about battery problem, but it was fixed after an update. I've contacted ASUS in September about the battery problem and they emailed back confirming there was an issue with MyASUS.

  • So ASUS contacted back and this was their reply:

    Reset the BIOS settings.

    1. Please turn off the unit completely, by holding down the power button for 30 seconds.

    2. Please turn the unit on and quickly press the F2 key on the keyboard to enter BIOS.

    3. Please press the F9 key in the BIOS to load optimized defaults and select yes to confirm.

    4. Please press the F10 key to save and exit.

  • does anybody feels that touchpad is so cheapy because it sound creepy when i click it

  • I am also facing this same issue. At first, I thought it was some virus. But later I noticed that the fan is too silent even when it is "Turbo" mode. Please update if you get any follow up from the ASUS Team.

    Thankyou :)

  • Was your problem resolved after doing these steps?

  • I got also this problems you guys are facing... I did write to Asus too. Waiting for respsonse. Im extremly dissapointed with Asus.

  • I tried it and i didnt resolve my problem which is exactly same.

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    Unfortunately, no. Resetting the BIOS(at least for me) only fixes the Turbo mode, but only temporary before it momentarily return back to the problem. I don't use Turbo mode, but I know something is wrong with it. Over all performance of laptop is lagging not just playing video games. The other option ASUS gave for me is to send it in for servicing.

  • What does this solution fix? Are you also having issues when playing video games? Like very low fps, lagging, and stuttering?

  • 😑Same happened for me too. Please update, if you find any solution

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    MyASUS had a new update V. After hardware diagnosis, it seems like it fixed the false results for the fans. Although the decreased performance still persists

  • Yes it fixes all the perfromance related issues with asus FX 505 GT

  • Update your BIOS to 308 and disable those services from system configuration. Just try and see.

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