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Is there possibility to exclude proximity sensor from the camera management? Camera can not be rotated to selfie mode because of proximity sensor error which occurs since .153 update.

*Cam module could be rotated by volume buttons



  • Unfortunately not. Do you have a screen protector on or a case that wraps around the frame?

    Please check to see if any of those are just the tiniest bit obstructing the proximity sensor and/or dust got below the screen protector at the edges.

  • No, I have not. It is clear as a tear.

    Then maybe there is a possibility to switch camera mode in messengers somehow ? Volume keys do not operate in WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc t as camera mode switchers. And as an idea could you add "rotate camera" as action option for the SmartKey in future releases?

  • Yep. I've found a software trick to use camera in selfie mode for messengers if camera blocked by proximity sensor.

    Settings - Camera - Flip Camera Settings - Flip Camera Toolbar (ON) "Show toolbar in the navigation bar or navigation gesture hint when 3rd party apps access camera or flashlight"

  • I think I misunderstood your wish and/or dilemma?

    The Flip camera toolbar enables control of the flip camera angle, even in 3rd party camera apps. Ie. between 0-180.

    It is not specifically around any "flip blocking function".

    For WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram , etc etc, you flip the camera by pressing the "switch to front camera" icon that all these apps have. Then the camera should flip by itself 180 degrees (from back to front).

    Volume buttons to control the actual angle of the flip camera is a function of our camera app, it is not a system level feature (in other apps volume keys should control volume or whatever they eventually replaced it with).

    But seems like you already did found a solution by using our Flip camera toolbar!

  • My problem that camera can't be rotated fast via "switch to front camera" icon in ANY application (I suppose that happens because of proximity sensor error) but it possible to rotate it slowly with volume buttons or navigation bar.

    I wonder

    1. to got "switch to front camera" option assigned to smartkey


    2. to have possibility in settings to switch off proximity sensor check before switching camera to front mode

    Obviously that I have working camera but I can not use it normally because of proximity sensor error.

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    The camera rotation does NOT works when I click "switch to front camera" icon

    - in the camera application ASUS

    - at Gcam

    - in Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram

    Rotation WORKS fine if the camera moves slowly:

    - when shooting in panorama mode in the Asus camera app

    - when I press the volume keys in the Asus camera app

    - in any third-party application via navigation bar option

    During the phone’s self-test, the proximity sensor test is “not passed”, and the light sensor test “passed”

    PS: at the level of guesswork - problems started after installing .153 firmware. But perhaps this is just a coincidence.

  • Sensor doesn't work properly on the calls either :(

  • Hello all!

    I've got these problems too and I think that's a SW bug cause I've noticed that after the last SW update.

    There's another issue relating the Pocket Mode (it use the proximity sensor) causing the screen deactivation when it's touched after unlocking

    So I think that everything who use the proximity sensor will have problems until the next SW update (I hope that will be released soon)

  • Yeah. I hope it will be fixed in next updates. I will wait for it as well. Today after several reboot proximity sensor started work properly for half a day. Now I got flip error again. And thos Pocket Mode screen as well.

  • By the way.. What is your model? I have 12/512 (Edition 30)

  • Sounds like you both have hardware issue as no one else has mentioned about this. Before you contact your local asus support about a repair, you may try to factory reset your phone if you want to. You could even downgrade to A9 if you truly believe that this was caused by a FW upgrade. The downgrade FW is available on asus support site but I feel confident about this being hardware based on what you've told me so far.

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    Well... I made a phone call immediately after the update and I've noticed this problem (the screen becoming black like I have brought the phone near the ear). The last call before it was regular and the sensor was working properly. I'll try to make a downgrade, but I hope that will be an update with this bug fixed

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    It's working like a short-circuited sensor

  • Occasionally after several reboots flipping started works again. Usually it works only half a day in my case. And after that "camera can not flip". But yesterday I calibrated camera while proximity sensor was fine and problem with flipping disappeared for 24 hours to this moment. Hope that I solved that bug.

    Dear ASUS is there any logic circuits in firmware between proximity sensor, camera flipping, camera calibration? Is there any chance that my described problem is not in hardware part?

  • I have same problem.. what i can do? Help me

  • I checked my proximity sensor..its not working

  • You can only wait for any FW update that could correct this bug

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    Maybe there is a logical circuit between the Flip and proximity sensor just to avoid unwanted flipping that could damage the mechanism (e.g.: in case of unwanted opening of the camera app while you have left the phone unlocked in your pocket)

  • 1 week passed after calibration and it still works fine. No more errors on my phone. So IMHO main idea is to catch moment when flipping works and make camera mechanism calibration immediately

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