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Sample review piece

Hii I wanna review the product and I wanna have a sample piece of the phone so can you send me one of them

Found another RTL BUG in "splendid"

In the color temperature you switch the side between cold and warm but not the line left side start with blue and the right ends in red it's need to be the opposite the symbols of the snow and the sun are ok only the line need to be blue from the rig...

OKIH6CBA32HP.jpg U5N1K51D0NRD.jpg

Camera comes loose

Hi, do any of you have the issue of camera come loose frequently? Because mine, does it always when i have it in my pocket and i hear the crackling sound of it in every step i take! Its really annoying and i have to hit the retract button every time ...

Scheduled Charging/Battery Care Bug

I enabled the battery care feature to charge the phone overnight and scheduled it between 11.30 pm to 6.30 am. I found out that the battery was completely charged at 5.30 am. Am I doing something wrong or is there a a bug in the s/w? @Anders_ASUS

No voLTE/voWifi for SFR (FRANCE)

Hello, last update has enabled voLTE for "Bouygues Telecom" (France) I am "SFR" User and still no voLTE, I wonder why?Same thing for "FREE" which is my second mobile carrierThank you for explains

heyoka by Rising Star II
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Update Asus Native app?

Hi developers !!Isn't time to push updates for all the Native apps too? They all have been ignored for too long. Also hoping seamless transition of camera lens is in the pipeline.

Rangzen by Rising Star II
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pandemic problems

this pandemic has really highlighted the problems with my zenfone 6. before the lockdowns I rarely used my phone to make calls and hardly ever make calls and go on the web at the same time. but now that I'm working from home, I've been making much m...

dt808 by Rising Star I
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4g+ changes to h+ when phone calling

hi all. not sure if this has been asked before but whenever i make or receive a call, my data connection 4G+ symbol changes to H+. so it looks like my 4g data connection drops to 3g when I'm on a call. is this supposed to happen? i sometimes have lo...

dt808 by Rising Star I
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