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Video calls

When making video calls, the other party cannot hear me. When I record a film with the front camera, the sound department because I make a video call still does not work.please add functions vowifi volte for Poland

ITI by Star I
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Zenfone 6 just purchased and already experiencing problems of sudden and sudden auto-shutdown without automatic restart. How can I solve the problem? ..... in the meantime, by dint of turning off continuously after 20 days from purchase, it has turne...


cant get notification from twitter/fb via mobile data, but if i connect it on wifi it goes well. what happen with that? i do nothing with any setting or battery mode setting

Case Needed

Asus 6z is excellent but couldn't find a proper case for the mobile. Pls Suggest some good protective cases. I would have gone for rhinosheild but it's too costly.

Resolved! Bluetooth battery status

I don't understand why it is necessary to have phone call sound turned on to see the battery status of my bluetooth headset. I want to only have media audio on but then the headset's battery status isn't displayed. Is it a bug?Thanks in advance

leif by Star I
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Performance issue !

Currently on .145. I have noticed since past week that that phone becomes really slow after using it for sometime. I don't play games nor heavy apps are installed. Just normal stuff: browsing, YouTube, watch movies etc.Does anyone experience the same...

Rangzen by Rising Star II
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[New] Calling Screen Issue

I started a thread way back in July 2019 regarding calling screen: sixth_pr1m3This app is has more bugs than features. Bugs:- Heads-up notification doesn't work(even if I enable it)- Calling screen won't let me to go back to any other app while the p...

Flip camra calibration problem

I tried to calibrate the flip camera as per the direction given in settings.but it failed every time and trust me i have done many times.. In vertical calibration it's fine but in horizontal calibration it usually fails in 2nd ..iteration (as u noe f...