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Some app won't work and facing problems with micro sd card

I have updated my device Asus zenfone 6z and it was working fine untill my micro sd card immediately stopped transferring data. I can access the contents on my micro sd card but somehow I can't transfer anything to it. Not even from my pc. The micro ...

File Manager: Cloud remove option.

Does anyone have idea as to how to remove cloud storage from the file manager? I have uninstalled Asus WebStorage app from the phone but this wouldn't go away.

Rangzen by Rising Star II
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Fast Charging stopped working

When I put the phone on charging previously it used to say Fast Charging and it used to charge very fast. Not mostly it only says charging and takes too much time to charge. Though some times (like once in 3-4 days) it still says Fast Charging.

knoxxs by Star I
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Volte not working

I turned it on once I got the phone and was able to make voice calls. I have updated the phone since then and mostly been on WiFi. Now when I need to make a call it won't work. I have tried everything thing to make volte appear again but it won't. I ...

Camera Hacked

Hi Everyone!Yesterday, my phone was just charging while idling, locked, and screen turned off. Suddenly, my camera turned on - I knew it turned on because it suddenly flipped and faced the front for a second, and then turned off, and flipped backward...

woA by Star II
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Meu zenfone não atualiza o sistema já tentei de tudo e nada

Cannot move apps to SD card

I have made my SD card as internal storage when I bought this phone but today I found there is no such option anymore. All my internal storage is almost full and the settings are too complicated and all over the place for me to find where can I set m...