FX505DY Shutting down every time I play a game

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  1. System: Windows 10 Home 1909
  2. Battery or AC: AC (plugged in), but would most likely occur on battery too.
  3. Model: FX505DY-BQ009T
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Whenever I launch/play the games
  5. Reset OS: Yes, multiple times.
  6. Screenshot or video: Unable to, as it wouldn't be saved due to the laptop powering off.


Detailed description:Every time I play a game, leading to the RX 560X GPU being in use (under heavy load), the laptop completely powers off, thus needing to be turned back on. This means that any progress that was made (if any could be made) is not saved. The two main games this has occurred on is Firewatch and Subnautica, I am fairly certain this laptop should be able to run them both perfectly. Both games were on low and medium settings when the shutdowns have occurred. The laptop was plugged in and turbo mode was active. This appears to be a problem with the GPU overheating, when I check the Armoury Crate application it shows that the GPU's temperature is around 88-90 degrees, which I am sure is way above what it should be? I have read that the hard limit (when the device powers off to protect itself from any damage) on the RX 560X card is 90 degrees, which would explain the shutdowns because as soon as the games are launched the GPU reaches those temperatures.

As a side note, the MyAsus application identified that there was a problem with the SSD inside the laptop, despite me not being able to notice any problems with the SSD (everything runs super fast and the operating system/boot up time is great), I did some research and I feel the SSD may have something to do with the GPU overheating.

This makes games that should be running with no issues completely unplayable. Any help would be appreciated 🙂


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