Rog Theta 7.1 Headphones NOT working on my Rog Phone 2 !!!

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I have purchased Rog Theta 7.1 headphones just few days ago, my phone is Rog Phone 2.

when i connect the headphones to my phone through the C-type port , i do not get the sign on the navigation panel that headphones have been connected.

But the bigger problem is when i open the game, if my microphone (in game) is turned off i can get the sound in the headphones, but as soon as i open my microphone (in game) the sound changes directly on the phones external speakers (knowing that the headphones are still connected!!)

can someone please help me here! i have purchased those for a big amount of money (they are not cheap!), thinking that they will work since it is mentioned in ROG website that they support mobile phones as well.

i do not understand! Really! i have a ROG phone and ROG headphones, and they are not compatible together?!!

can someone help please,

thanks all!


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