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My ASUS ROG PHONE II has stopped working after 4 months use.

Hello there, I used to be a huge fan of ROG phone 2 and this is what I get. It’s been a while that I started to report in the forum regarding the issue that I’m facing and I even tried other ways to get help but I couldn’t find any. Asus live chat su...

Android 10 battery drain (Revert to 9?)

Well.. this is just sick, as bad as my former s9+ which i switched to rp2 because of the battery.. less than 3 hours of screen on time and almost drained within 16 hours. On android 9 i would have ~60% of a charge left..Is there a way to revert to a...


Gboard and Android 10 update issue

Gentlemen, I have just updated to android 10 and using G board . But the recent update bought a white section below the keyboard which leaves a huge useless space. (where the horizontal line is ). Is there a way to get rid of it ?;

A10-Whats new ?

Since the fota released today ....I finally updated the phone. Now wondering what's changed ..Also please add more of those x-mode wallpapers( I know it must be difficult now due to virus )