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No MAC adress randomization in A10?

One of the features I was really looking forward to was MAC address randomization on a per-wifi-connection basis.This means that each wifi connection has its own generated MAC address. Is this feature not coming to the ROG Phone 2?This is a very impo...

phone preloaded apps

do anyone know for example FB, Chrome etc these preloaded app. If I uninstalled them. Any way to revert the factory version? or can only download the latest version from google playstore again ?

jasonwch by Rising Star II
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full screen gestures A 10

In Android 9 full screen gestures are better compare to Android 10 because while watching the online videos in chrome the new gesture line is keep on showing on screen and it make the viewing experience bad, also video screen ratio is decreased

HD GAMES for my ROG Phone 2

can some one share/suggest hd games for my ROG Phone 2, I am not updated for best games for android.RPG, Racing, Action, First/Third Person Games. Thank You.

Keeva_ by Star I
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[Feature request] Do we need a native note app?

Hi guys,I think we need a native note app from Asus. It's very useful when you want to note something down quickly and want to use it for later.+1 from me.What do you think?

SoumyaRS by Rising Star II
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