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Screen and triggers problem

Star I
Hello. Sorry for my mother tongue is Spanish.
I have the same problem that I have read. In call of duty the screen turns off in the battle royal and I have to reset the game. It was happening not every game...but 2/3/4 times a day. After last actualization, yesterday, is happen almost every game.
And today both triggers suddenly stop to work in all games...but in the settings application they work.
Help please

Hall of Fame III
COD seem to suffer from this issue not only on our devices.
I don't know what the trigger issue is. Do you know if it happens when the phone reaches a certain temperature or is it completely random?
When you say that airtriggers stop working in all games. Do you mean all COD matches or other games too?
Have you tried to reset your air triggers as well as turn air triggers off and on again? If you haven't restarted your phone, then please do that too.
Oh, and please ping me or quote my message so I get a notification that you've replied