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sivamani242sivamani242 Level 2
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Asus , when we hide apps , the apps are hiding good , but we are intended to use that apps we are forcing to unhide that application

Please bring a update for to use apps in hidden mode only , withouth unhide apps again


  • prashanthprashanth Level 3
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    Yeah we need it to be easy like honor phones, it's annoying to unhide it everytime we want to use it

  • I believe the purpose with our "hide apps" feature is to hide apps that are only intended to work in the background so you don't need to have them take up visible space. But you use this feature for "secret" apps that you don't want others to know that you have?

  • sivamani242sivamani242 Level 2
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    When we given mobile to kids they directly open games ,it was not good for their healthy purpose ,

    So if we hide those apps , they disappear ,so they will deviate

    When we want ,we can use them ,when kids were not there

    But in right now we have to use that apps , we need to unhide again,

    It is request to give opition to use app in hide mode only withouth unhiding

    Don't give me suggestions use third party launccher , i dont prefer third party apps , due to privacy and irrational things

  • You can create a guesture to launch the hidden app e.g. I use "draw e to launch my hidden app".

    However, Hidden app doesn't hide app in RECENT APP which is very annoying and make the feature more less useless. Hope Asus can address this issue.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
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    For your use case perhaps using the AppLock function can be more suitable?

    Another way would be to enable "Screen Pinning" and then also "PIN to unpin" - and then pin the specfic app before handing the phone over.

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