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Maybe they are not working on Android 10 for Asus max pro m1 as of these days and have put pause rn

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Not working right now for Android 10 maybe as these shows.

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1. Check your charger. Just remove the Cable from the brick and check if there is any dust. Just give a small blow of air with your mouth without letting water in. Also, check USB port and charging pin for any dust particles. (I had this issue and when I did this the problem got fixed) Also make sure that USB cable is properly inserted into the power brick.

2. Check with another good charger and see if issue still persists.

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Hey thanks for the help man, it was all the fault of my original charger's usb cable. After switching and trying a lot of chargers i notice thar my usb cable was transferring less current charge[300-400mA] compared to others[1200-1300mA]. I don't know got wrong with the cable ,it looked fine with no sign of any tear or cut.

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Hi there, we understand the emotions of our users, our team is working towards giving Asus users a better experience with their devices and will continue to do the same. We request you to understand the process and stay tuned to our Official channels in the meantime.