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Asus Max Pro M2 starts receiving another update in Pie with April security patch. (Not Android 10)

Zen Master I
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Max Pro M2 ZB630KL
Firmware Version: .075 Latest firmware released for Pie users
Rooted or not: No
Frequency of Occurrence:
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): System update
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Rising Star II

Its not the issue BSNL has enabled 4G in few remote areas for testing only 20-30 circles till date since 6 months n above but now remaining 200-300 3G circles are going to get upgraded sooner date was 3rd of may but due to this lockdown tenders got cancelled and it is postponded so bottom line is few people can see volte n 4G for BSNL for now and few will not depending where the BSNL 4G availability will be so plz not every issue is from asus stop always blaming without prior information no offense plz dont mind 😊 stay safe m 5Z user juz saw ur comment so gave a bit info t.c.

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I am in a location where BSNL launched 4G through its 3G spectrum. So remember how it is frustrating to use 4G in absence of 3G. When network falls down to 2G , then it's impossible to access internet. For the same reason , i am using BSNL data only in night and I am using my primary BSNL number inside a 2G handset for call and in a unlocked data card for data in night for last 4 months , and still ASUS didn't confirm that when we recieve BSNL VoLte patch.
Now tell me whom I need to blame. I am not asking the features immediately , but I am asking for timeline.Is this right that ASUS provide robotic replies for every question to a customer who paid for them. Is this the clear proof of their incapability , and how ASUS can forcefully ask us to trust them.

Star I
075 not yet received to my phone..

Zen Master I

i.e the volte symbol for jio sim not bsnl. You are in pie rom so the volte symbol appear like that. Volte never appear on 2g/3g band. If the BSNL 4G gives you Volte then you will see 2 volte symbols. Always remember one volte is mandatory for jio, jio doesn't work without volte

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Yes, I agree with you what you said. BSNL didn't rollout 4G in my circle yet. Though I have converted my 3G sim with a 4G one from the exchange but yeah, since 4G is not even started, thats why it was showing H only when I enabled the mobile data. That VoLTE sign was actually for my Jio sim even I swap my data sim to BSNL from Jio.

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I have no idea whether the Airtel VoWifi has been enabled or not because I don't have any Airtel sim with me. Since its lockdown going on, I can't check and confirm the same as I check the VoWifi for Airtel by borrowing on of my friends Airtel sim but can't meet him in these days.

BSNL might get the VoLTE since the changelog had the 2nd entry as "update APN List" but again, can't confirm it. Sorry.

I know its frustrating for you as well as all of us particularly those who are on Beta 10, this wait is being longer enough now. Can't recommend you to downgrade to the pie again.

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Vodafone volte is working but I didn't get it, this is Vodafone's problem. Only my sim is not showing volte on this phone, other's sim is showing volte but if I put my sim in another volte enable handset then it working fine. Vodafone says I have to replace my sim, then it will work on my phone it is Vodafone's problem.

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Asus tolong buatlah firmware downgrade dari pie 073,tanpa menggunakan pc.
Karna saya tidak punya punya pc