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ZenFone 9 - after RMA still freezing camera (app)

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I got the ominous camera app freeze issue and even sent it in to RMA. Written in the RMA status is "Service and testing finished". Well obviously nothing was tested, nothing was repaired. Kudos to LetMeRepair for this stellar "work".

What do I do now, start another RMA with my 90 seconds proof video where the freeze happens about 10 times? Hoping it will get fixed in the next "service"? I don't mind, since by German law they have two attempts left to 

a) fix the error
b) give me a whole new phone without the error
c) give me my money back

Just wondering if there is a more elegant way to get this resolved as fast as possible so I am not stuck anymore on my spare Pixel 5. Sorry for being fed up because this whole RMA process and phone migration was pointless.


Video attached...



I would suggest you refer to the following FAQ to clear the camera data and then check if the issue improves. 
[Phone] Troubleshooting - I cannot launch the Camera
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

The phone was factory reset before sending it in and set up after unpacking it after receiving it back from RMA and testing the camera app was the very first thing I did. I doubt there was any cache to clear or data to reset anymore.

Could you please assist in trying to clear the camera's data/cache again?