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[ZenFone 9] Join the Android 14 Preview Program

Hi ZenFone 9 users, We will soon have the newest Android system on ZenFone 9. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this preview program to experience Android 14! What is the Android Preview Program? Android Preview Program lets users ex...

Laura_ASUS by Community Manager
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Photo Thread: Pets Being Weird

This month we are hosting a photo thread for everyone to post a picture of your pets, ‘Pets being Weird.’ Share your adorable and funny pet photos in this thread! Whether you have a cuddly cat, a playful dog, a feathery bird, or any other delightful ...

how to downgrade android 14 to 13 samsung ?

If you have upgraded from Android 13 to 14 but dislike the new system or face difficulties with the upgraded version, you can revert back to Android 13 without losing data. Here, I'll share two methods for downgrading your Android 14 version in an ea...

Unable to play GBA Games on Android 14

I have downloaded My Boy! GBA Emulator on my ZenFone 9, but I can't run any GBA Games on it. After downloading GBA Games from the official source, I can't load them in my ZenFone 9 device. I need help, why it is happening in my device. I run GBA Game...

Mobile Hostpot Bug

Model Name: Zenfone 9Firmware Version: 34.0304.2004.87Rooted or not: Not rootedFrequency of Occurrence: EverytimeEverytime I turned on my hotspot, and I checked in every device, even PC or laptop, I cant find my mobile hotspot after I updated to Andr...

ferizan by Star II
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Speaker Quality on Android 14

After update to Android14, the speaker not balance. Top speaker (earpiece) louder than bottom speaker, that's make the notification sounds like mono speaker and sound quality not good as on Android13.Android 13 have balance speaker, good bass and sou...

US Android 14 Firmware Download+Upgrade Process

I noticed that (finally), an update was posted to the downloads! However, it is not for the US model . However, some key information can be extractedZenFone 9 (AI2202) Software Image: WW-34.0304.2004.87, for WW/EU (excluding JP) SKU. This version nee...

Android 14 Zenfone 9 app drawer scrollbar

Model: Zenfone 9Version: Android 14, 34.0304.2004.87Issue: scrollbar bugWith the latest update there is a useless scrollbar when there are 7 rows in the app drawer. Please reduce the padding to remove the scrollbar or give us an option to remove the ...

travjjd by Star II
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Android 14 putting Zenfone 9 into endless boot cycle

After I upgraded to Android 14, the first time I rebooted, the phone went into an endless reboot cycle.I forced it to turn off, then started it again and it worked.Just now I restarted it, and it went into the boot cycle again.I've restarted it 4 tim...

tbessie by Star III
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Resolved! Latest ROM not available on support

Why hasn't Android 14 update come to Asus' website yet? The support section of the Zenfone 9 still shows the old firmware of android 13  WW-33.0804.2060.142. Please release the firmware on the support website. Dont suggest OTA option. Thank you 


Asus Zenfone 9

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