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Unlocked bootloader and trying to figure out how to undo it

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Ok so this is the first Android phone I have ever owned and I was too hasty with what I could do with it. I got a USB c controller for it that required wireless debugging for a certain feature and it said I had to enable developer settings, I did that not realizing what the consequences would be.

Now the warranty is voided which I can deal with, but ever since I unlocked the bootloader my phone has been having connectivity issues and certain functions like my banking app don't work anymore. I want to see if relocking the bootloader on my own will fix this issue because if not I have to get a new phone : /


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Try rooting it with Magisk Delta and enable magisk hide,also install the Universal Safety Net magisk module to pass safetynet. All my banks apps works with this method on all my other phones, didn't tried on this as I cant unlock it

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