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Unable to unlock Bootloader on Zenfone 9 and Zenfone 10

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 Because the bootloader could not be unlocked on Zenfone 9, I decided to write to Asus Support to be told when it would be possible to unlock the bootloader on Z9 and Z10. The response I received was that it would no longer be possible to unlock the boot on any of these phones. Upon receiving this news I decided not to buy the Z10. I think it is a big mistake that Asus has decided that the boot cannot be unlocked. I don't know if they will change their mind, but there will be many of us who decide NOT to buy it.



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Same here, this is probably my 3rd and last Asus Phone...I used to like Asus because you can just bootloader unlock your phone with an App. 

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Maybe it's time to sell the phone and not buy anything from Asus again. I am disappointed

If this is Asus policy, it would be best to get rid of the phone in case they don't give a positive response regarding the unlocking of the boot

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What a joke. Now I have to sell my Zenfone 9 which I've only owned a week, guess I'll be swapping it for a Pixel!

It's crazy with how much this phone costs that Asus has gone and taken away one of it's core "features"—the ability to use it as you like.

If this really is the case, it's sad. Asus was in my opinion one of the few decent manufacturers left, thanks to the small form factor and ability to unlock the bootloader (even if it couldn't be relocked like on the Pixels).

Thanks Asus... already looking at returning my phone.


It is a pity that we cannot enjoy custom Roms on this mobile from now on