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Smart Key double tap is not working

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Hi Everyone!

Today I got a Zenfone 9. I tried to test Smart key feature and there is a problem in the double tap feature. I tried the "swipe" and "long press" options as well. They are working well. However, when I open the "double tap" option, it's never work. I tried to choose different accesses like screenshot, flashlight but none of them is working. Do you think the phone has a problem or am I missing something? Thanks for the help in advance. #Zenfone9


Zen Master I

It is a difficult utility to use. I think it doesn't have a dedicated sensor for this.

From my experience, I turn on the flashlight when the screen is unlocked and the phone has an upright position. If I do this, I fail less.

Rising Star II

They work for me. Double tap is pretty reliable too (I use it for flashlight) - but be aware that it needs an unlocked phone (same on the Pixel 5). One trick that substantially increased triggering the utility: don't double tap with the tip of your finger, but with the entire first (distal) phalange. For me, this was a gamechanger, rendering this option quite usable. 

Star I

My Zenfone9 double back tap for flash light is not working properly.

Sometimes light taps work.... Sometimes even very hard taps don't work frustrating.

Just now I disabled this function and coming here to post.

Asus, fix it... I hope this is software fix not hardware defects.

Anyone else?

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