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Lock screen Security Issue

Star II

Hello everybody,

I noticed a security issue on the lock screen of my Zenfone 9 (version 33.0804.2060.73 - latest version) - the Quick Setting panel is available without entering the password and/or the biometric authentication. In this case, if the device is stolen, anybody can activate the Airplane mode or disable the GPS and the Mobile data. Also the Shut down/Restart menu is available without password. I think on most Android phones you can select whether to have access to the Quick Settings menu in the lock screen, could you add this option to the Zenfone 9 as well?

Additionally, there is no way (or at least I was not able to find one) to disable payments when just the lock screen is on, so anybody can pay with my phone just by activating the NFC (again accessible via the Quick Setting menu). As far as I know this option should be in the NFC menu, but I was not able to find it there.

Please fix these issues as soon as possible as they create very big security risk.


Star I

You Just have enabled option unlocking Quick menu on lock screen. 

To change this settings go to Settings > Security&lock screen > Screen lock option Settings on right > Control from locked device. 


It is not enabled, i tried swithing it on and off again, but still the quick settings are accessible when the phone is lock. I am attaching a screenshot just to confirm if I have modified the correct setting.

I checked on my ZF9. The issue is there for me as well. Did you figure out a workaround/solution?

No, looking in the web I have found solutions, that are not available in the Zenfone 9.

For the payment Google itself offers to check Require device unlock for NFC in the NFC setting tab (screenshot attached), but it is not available on our phones as an option

For the Quick Settings there is a setting to disable it (again screenshot attached) but also not available in the Zenfone 9


I really hope that these will be fixed in the next update. It could not be that hard, especially as most of the other Android phones offer such settings.