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Latest update broke WiFi on ZenFone 9

Star III

Model Name: ZenFone 9

16GB Version 

Firmware Version: WW_33.0804.2060.142

Not rooted

Android v13

This latest update has broken the WiFi on my ZenFone 9

If I am connected to WiFi and then leave my house and go out of range of the WiFi (miles away), my ZenFone 9 still shows that I am connected to the WiFi (without any actual connection or internet).

It is NOT releasing the WiFi connection and switching over to mobile data.

This is also the same if I am at home and physically turn off my router. My ZenFone 9 still shows that I am connected to WiFi and doesn't go into mobile data.

My phone was working perfectly fine before this last update and it's obviously broken something.

I've tried rebooting etc but it doesn't help.

The only way to switch over to mobile data is to manually turn off my WiFi on my ZenFone 9



Star III

I spoke too soon.

This DIDN'T solve it.

This morning I was at home connected to my WiFi 6E, then left for work. When I got to work I checked my phone and it still showed me as connected to my home WiFi 6E connection (but obviously without any internet)

Something definitely not right and can't see anything obvious 

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Community Manager
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