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Issue with the new Asus Smart Volume Function in FW WW/EU_32.2030.2030.26

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Model Name: ZenFone 9
Firmware Version: WW_32.2030.2030.26
Rooted or not: Not.
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
So I updated to the new FW released today (Nordics) and tried out the new "Asus Smart Volume Function." Turning it on seems to make the volume control a general control for all volume, not just media. If I for example want to adjust the volume in Spotify, it will turn of silent mode and enable button sound, ringtone etc. Likewise, if I put the phone in silent mode it will mute the music I am playing.
I've checked that the volume control (physical buttons) is set to adjust media volume. This issue doesn't occur in the "classic" volume control mode.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?


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I think I figured it out, and it was fairly obvious. Feeling a bit stupid actually.
The new Asus volume setting lets you choose if a press on the volume button will raise/lower the volume for all sound or for specific sound objects by checking/unchecking the boxes in the sound and vibration setting menu. It also allows you to set limits for different sound objects. For example you can set a 50 percent limit on ringtone and no limit on media. If you crank up the volume to max when playing music, the ringtone will still only be at 50 percent.
So to answer my own initial question, if you uncheck the box for ringtone you can raise/lower the volume for media without turning on sound for ringtone or notifications (there's a specific box for notifications but it seems that if you uncheck the box for ringtone the sound for notifications will be turned of as well, if ringtone is set to silent).
For me this doesn't really add a function I felt was needed. Maybe it can be useful for others though.
Ps. The language on my phone isn't English, so the terminology above might not be exactly what it is shown on devices with the language set to English.

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Thank you @Hasse,
It is done. Understood (I think).
In my case:
I want the volume button to act on the notification volume.
- New Asus volume activated.
- Check the boxes for multimedia (always) and notifications.
when I lower the volume on the button, the volume is lowered in multimedia and notifications at the same time.
Utility for me:
at night I turn down the volume to 100%. I am not bothered by the sound of possible notifications but I receive the sound of possible urgent or emergency calls.

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Good example and explanation of how it can be useful!

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