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Unable to view notifications with locked screen

Star II
Hi new zenfone 9 user, so far have experienced another issue, not sure if anyone else had it.
With Always on display turned on, when notifications comes in, I'm unable to double tap to wake/unlock to view the notification.
Even with Google maps running, once screen is turned off, double tap to wake doesn't work.


Check if there are any new updates to be installed, and if that fails to resolve the issue then here are some of the things you can try-
Check your app permissions: Go to settings>Apps & Permissions>Notifications on Lock Screen>Show conversations, default, and silence
Check the custom restrictions: Go to settings>Apps & Notifications>Do not disturb>Display options for hidden notifications>Custom restrictions>Don't wake for notifications
Enable double tap to wake-up: Go to settings>Advanced (Gestures)>Double tap to wake-up
If none of this work then the last resort would be to reset the phone.

Rising Star II
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