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Issue with the new Asus Smart Volume Function in FW WW/EU_32.2030.2030.26

Star III
Model Name: ZenFone 9
Firmware Version: WW_32.2030.2030.26
Rooted or not: Not.
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
So I updated to the new FW released today (Nordics) and tried out the new "Asus Smart Volume Function." Turning it on seems to make the volume control a general control for all volume, not just media. If I for example want to adjust the volume in Spotify, it will turn of silent mode and enable button sound, ringtone etc. Likewise, if I put the phone in silent mode it will mute the music I am playing.
I've checked that the volume control (physical buttons) is set to adjust media volume. This issue doesn't occur in the "classic" volume control mode.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Community Legend I
I don't have a ZF9, if you don't activate this new software, at least the telephone volume for the caller and the interlocutors has become audible again, it seems.
On the other hand, run the camera and switch to video, if it freezes report it for other users so that they can choose to use the telephone function OR the video 😞

Rising Star I
I don't understand how the new Asus volume adjustment works in the latest update.
The only difference I've seen is that the ringtone and notification volume are separate....
Can someone explain it?

Rising Star I
I also don't understand where this feature is coming from, is it requested by users somewhere? Why even add something confusing like this, it's better to invest time in core features like the launcher of camera. Android already has great volume control by default.

Rising Star I
I think the ideal is:
the volume button only comes for multimedia. There should be an option to assign notification volume or tone or alarm, etc... and if we listen to music, automatically switch to multimedia.

But nobody knows how the new Asus volume setting works?