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Hotspot problem

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Hi, having an issue with my zenfone9 and it's hotspot. I've tried connecting a few different devices to my hotspot. The devices can connect no problem but they are not receiving an internet connection even though I've my mobile data on. Just did a full reset on my phone and still won't work


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Mayby go to settings, network and Internet, hotspot and tethering and shut off WiFi hotspot and switch on Bluetooth hotspot.

Bluetooth hotspot switches of automaticly after 5 mn

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This is a 5G bug and it appears to be a Zenfone 9 issue. I am using Consumer Cellular. While I do not have any other unlocked 5G phones to prove my theory by moving my SIM card around, I think I'm on the right track here. And anyway, I've found a workaround.

@m1dotcomthe Bluetooth suggestion did not work for me.

@Duda96 I got my Zenfone 9 last week and have been having the same problem. I spent an hour with Asus support this morning and discovered the following:

  1. No troubleshooting steps suggested by the reps resolved the issue.
  2. Factory reset was attempted, and at first the hotspot worked great, but only using 4G service.
  3. As soon as I enabled 5G service in my Android settings, the hotspot no longer worked.
  4. I disabled 5G again and went back to 4G on the Zenfone 9, but the hotspot still did not work.
  5. I did another factory reset, the hotspot worked on 4G mode and I left it there.

Asus support asked me if I'm ok continuing to use 4G. I said of course not, and asked them to escalate this to the dev team to get this bug fixed, because obviously everyone needs this to work on all network types! I'll plan to call back once a month to nag them, and I'll post back here if there is any update. If there is no more response from me, it probably hasn't been fixed yet.

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Ugh, now that I've completed setting up more of my phone apps, the hotspot stopped working again. So my workaround is not acceptable. I'll be pushing Asus for a fix.

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Alright, four factory resets later and I can never even get to the state where the hotspot works in 4G mode anymore. Asus support said the only option for me is to return the device or have it fixed by their service center, which we know won't work. Lame!