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Constant software issues

Star I

My Zenfone 9 has been having constant software issues and I can't find anything about how to fix it. I tried factory resetting my phone, but even that hasn't helped. I frequently have moments where:

- video recording lags and stutters while recording

- the keyboard doesn't open when I'm in a text entry field, even if I keep tapping the text box. The problem persists until I reboot the phone, and the only workaround before rebooting is holding until the "paste" option opens, which still sometimes doesn't work

- the phone itself will start freezing up every couple of days and won't resolve without a reboot

- sometimes anything triggering an Android intent (rotation the screen, switching open views, opening a dialog, etc) just doesn't work, no matter what app I'm in. I have to turn the screen off and back on every time I tap something

What do I do? 



Hey @marcmarcmarc,

When did you first notice these issues? Was it after the latest update?

Star III

ASUS is a scam company, I would recommend you to get rid of this device and buy anything else, as long as it does not have ASUS logo.

Yes, yes, get rid of it immediately and send it to @ToKrCZ, who will help you get rid of it safely on his own expense (he is a very generous guy).

Seriously now: if a factory reset does not solve your problems, and it to Asus for warranty and/or servicing.