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Broken screen replacement

Star I
I'm a Canadian owner that bought a Zenfone 9 online off a reseller. I've broken my screen from a fall and I'm trying to obtain a replacement panel - and I'm having a very hard time getting ASUS to help. Basically ASUS USA tells me to contact Taiwan, and they don't seem to care very much. Very sad to see this level of customer support!

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The reseller is the one who has to help you.
Try search in Google: "Asus Zenfone 9 parts"
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Yup it should be up to the reseller to help you with that.

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Sorry that's hard to agree with. If you buy a phone from Amazon, I don't imagine you expect Amazon to also sell you spare parts for fixes right? You'd reach out to the manufacturer...

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All I'm saying it it's very hard to get screens and parts for Zenfone 9 in Canada and US right now...and ASUS support isn't making it any easier...take it how you will.