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My Camera would only pop up using volume keys, but flips back normally.

Star I

Since changing the screen after a fall, the problem in the title started happening, which is very odd.


The Camera won't flip up if you click the flip button on the phone, but if i use the volume keys, it turns without problems. Flipping back is not a problem.

i'm sure it didn't happen because of the fall, since after the fall and before the skin replacement, i would double click the lock button and the camera would flip (because of my short cut), had a fight with the shop, it was my word against theirs, in the end they refunded me their labor, but i got the screen myself.

What could this be? I really don't want to spend more money fixing it, but i'd love it if there is a known, small fix.


Update: I recalibrated the camera, while recalibrating the camera managed to rotate all the way up, but the flip button still didn't work. additionally, the "quick angles" work without problems and are also quick.


Thank you in advance!