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Wi-Fi keeps disabling itself ?

Hey All, I'm having a strange issue with my ZenFone7 ... quite consistently,.. the Wi-Fi will just turn itself OFF. Nothing seems broken,. I can easily go in and tap the slider to turn Wi-Fi ON again.. but intermittently it will just slide to "OFF" a...

Where to download 31.0210.0210.353 firmware?

I can see from the announcement that the latest firmware version for ZF7 is 31.0210.0210.353. However, the only version available to download is 31.0210.0210.324.When will 31.0210.0210.353 be available to download from https://www.asus.com/supportonl...

Is it worth it to replace broken display on the Zenfone 7?

Ok so last July I bought the Zenfone 7 for 500€ and I've been loving it so far, however last night I dropped it from high up and the display got absolutely demolished (as in both the screen and display underneath). In your experience, knowing that re...

Zenfone 7 camera flip malfunctioning

I tried googling this issue, but it's like I'm the only person with a malfunctioning camera flip!I've dropped my Zenfone 7 (It fell off my pocket onto a hard wood floor) and ever since, the camera flip mechanism isn't working anymore, and the camera ...

Thank you for the security patch

Don't really check for updates anymore UNO the Z7 is a bit long in the tooth 醴 these days so I was pleasantly surprised when I found an update that gets rid of the red security patch.If this keeps up I might have to buy another ZenFone,, what's next?...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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ZenPhone 7 Pro Android 13?

Will the Zenphone 7 Pro be updated to android 13?When I bought it I think I read somwhere that I would be entitled to at least 3 years of upgrades but I don't see any news anywhere about this.

Still using a Zenfone 7 or earlier?

They still get Google Play app updates so most of these phones should be perfectly functional as long as they're still okay with hardware and had a good enough chip etc...Some people will be more worried than others about potential security vulnerabi...

Z7 Pro downgraded Widevine from L1 to L3, again?

When I got my Z7P 3 years ago it had L1. After few weeks it got L3 which was fixed by ASUS after sending in the phone.Fee days ago there was a new security update, now Widevine is L3 again which means I can only stream DRM content in abysmal quality....

ozorio by Star I
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