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ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump

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As requested by the mod - opening new discussion for the issue.
The Flashing Full Ramdump happened to me too - the phone was being charged over the night and the error was waiting when I woke up.
I hope that at least your service will fix it quickly.
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Czy jest to MFD...?

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Czy jest to MFD...?

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Yes, it is. MFD and then month and year.

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I was on stock, no root.

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Thank you. I'm wondering where's my post gone, but that's ok 😉
Let's wait for the next answers, hopefully!

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Whoa!! Im about to buy this phone tomorrow but i got so curious why did the price gone down too fast... Then tried too google it "zenfone 8 review, zenfone 8 problem", then i found this. Im about to buy the 16/256 im glad that i found this thread before buying it😌😌 Thank you guys

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At the moment, 33 people with a problem appeared on the zentalk forum + 1 person from 8flip + 2 people from xda forum. I've also personally seen comments about the bug under review videos in the local language, but I am not able to verify if it is not a double, so I do not add them to the statement.

August = 11 cases,

September = 20 cases

October = 4 cases (only the beginning of the month)

Little information on production dates

2021.04 = 4

2021.04-05 = 1

2021.05 = 7

Asus I am impressed! @Gustav_ASUS is there a sufficient number of cases to make a statement? People are furious and I hope they won't let you go.

P.S. The data with the dates is still listed, so if someone wants to share, I invite you.

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I think you should take over the mods job lol....this is how they should have responded. I'm still curious why they are so silent, maybe hiding in shame? 🤣