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ZenFone 8 microphone issue with a droid 13 update

Star II

1: ZenFone 8

2: ww_33.0210.0210.210

3: Not rooted

4: Happens all the time

5: Phone app.



Just update to ww_33.0210.0210.210.

All my call contacts are saying my voice is very distant and quiet during a phone call after the update.  I tried regular mode, speaker phone and headsets.  All have the same problem.

I' ve checked the microphone openings are not blocked.

This only started to happen after the firmware update.

Anyone getting the same problem?


Thanks for the tip.  I tried the tester.  All 3 mics are working loud but a bit unclear with loud background noise during the playback of the tests.

So the mics are working fine.  I think it's just the software wthat does the noise isolation and suppression that's causing the the lower volume and bad voice quality.

As mentioned above, after factory reset, it's working well enough, but not up to android 12's standards.

Thank you again for your advice!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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