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Zenfone 8 is flagship brick

Rising Star I
Today morning. I was using my phone for the fb and messenger. Suddenly display is off, buttons no response. When i plugged charger even led is no response. Tried all ways to reboot/reset phone and nothing. Im so angry for this happen. I care for the phone and using it for normally way. Tomorrow I am going to the seller and I would like to return it and buy something that does not break. There is no guarantee that it will not break again after repair, I dont need a phone with which I will run to the service every six months. Shame on you ASUS.

Star II
Mine died in a very similar manner. Was setting an alarm when the screen just went black and the phone became unresponsive. Did you have any issues with the repair center? (Mine died on the 13th of Nov). Just that mine isbt even recognized when plugged in to the PC

Rising Star I
Today phone will be delivered to service, will see whats next...

Zen Master I
Hi @grzegorz.marucha
I'm sorry to hear about your device. Please check your inbox here on Zentalk for a PM from me