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Zenfone 8 automatic brightness stopped working

Star III

Hello. My Zenfone 8 had auto brightness issues since new, but the longer I use it the more common it gets and usually I would just do quick reboot and all works fine again. I feel like it can be tied to always on display brightness control, because the screen feels like stay on the same brightness. So I unlock and being extremely lucky I sometimes am able to see brightness bar and hit it in the same spot it was earlier - the phone goes to visible level of brightness. I'll try to record this on video in dark room, but the brightness seen on video is sometimes even worse (imagine that in full sun). I've already tried to reset device health services app -> manage space -> restore automatic brightness factory settings -> reboot. It does not help. The issues worsened since android 13 update. For now I was forced to disable auto brightness. I've installed some diagnostic apps (sensor test by Andrey Efremov from google play) and they does not see sensor activity but suggest software error ("This sensor doesn't report any readings, seems you have error with sensor service in device firmware"). Should I contact service center? I repeat: this was since new, but earlier it was once a week or two, but now it's always. Anyone have similar problems?

Allmost forgot, software version etc:

Android Version: 13

Model: Zenfone 8 8/256 ASUS_I006D SN:M4AIB762C145Y8V

Baseband: M3.13.24.77-Sake_0000110

Core/kernel version:5.4.147-qgki-perf-g682893052e4a

cm@cm-build-53-192 #1

Fri Jan 6 19:57:16 CST 2023

Extension ROM: 1.1.26

Compilation number: TKQ1.220807.001.33.0210.0210.210 release-keys


I really don't know. I've been struggling with this for months, but now it works fine since my last report (and had updated yesterday so I can't really tell if it was fixed or not).

Star I

Since the latest update the old problem does not appear to me either. There are others, less serious:

It often unlocks very dark and in a few seconds it adapts to the environment.

If I start the camera with the power button double click sometimes the camera starts in the same dark state but doesn't brighten up. I have to lock and try again to make it more visible.

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Community Manager
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