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Washed out blacks across refresh rates

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Hello, I have noticdd an issue with my ZENFONE 8. When viewing pitch black content in a dark room, the screen appeara to have something similar to LCD backlight bleed, however this is an amoled panel. The issue only appears at 60 and 120Hz, 90 being flawless for black screens. An important thing to note is that 120Hz is by far the worst of the 2.
Here is an image of what it looks like in the dark. There is a thin dotted line at the center and the gradient moves depending on the brightness. This was at about 1/4 - 1/3 brightness as others were less pronounced.

i would like to know if this is a known issue and if it can be fixed by software. If not, then it really sucks that i cant use one of the phones main selling points because the grey thing is visible in apps with a black background too...


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Also the weirdest thing I noticed is that it gets a lot worse at around 1/4 brightness. I would love if anyone can confirm they also get this or at other brightness levels. I would like to have some explanations as to why this is an expected behavior, I just want to understand. 100% and 0% are a lot less bad than 25%-30%.
Edit to add that DC Dimming fixes the issue at 60Hz, for those that use their phone at 60hz, this might be a more or less temporary fix

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I remember reading somewhere that there's different types of AMOLED panel when it comes to how they handle the refresh rates, cheaper panels (and some samsung ones) only handle one refresh rate perfectly (or a multiple of that same refresh rate, for example 60 and 120 will look good but 90 won't, or the other way around). And only a subset of higher quality panels (LG and some samsung) are able to keep the same level of black (and no change in tint color) over different refresh rate. They have a specific name or classification but I can't recall what it was.

I would guess this the Zenfone sits in the former category, but you might also have received a worse than average panel?

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Zenfone 8 does use an E4 Samsung panel if you're referring to that