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Twin Apps causing Android System Webview error

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A couple of days ago, my phone automatically updated Android System Webview and following that update it seemed like multiple apps that rely on the program kept crashing.
I tried to find solutions online and found nothing. But eventually I kinda found the fix even though I don't know how it happened in the first place.
TLDR is I found out from developer settings that when I click on "Webview implementation" it said that Webview was "uninstalled for user Twin Apps". This is where I got my suspicion on Twin Apps.
After I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Webview without results, I tried uninstalling all Twin Apps apps.
Et voila! Everything was back to normal. Even when I reinstalled all Twin Apps apps, the error thankfully didn't come back.
So, if any of you encountered the error, now you know what to do!

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I had same problem. Gmail and many more apps was stopping and "WebView implementation" was None. In "WebView implementation" menu there was only grayed selection "uninstalled for user Twin Apps". That happened after last system update about week ago.

I didn't have any active TwinApps, but I installed WhatsApp from TwinApps and uninstalled it straight a way. After automatic phone reboot during uninstall, "WebView implementation" was changed to "Android System WebVIew" and all apps started work normally.

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This is the exact same issue I have. So now I can't use twin apps.

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Anyone from Asus care to comment?

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