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Sudden excessive battery drain with new update

Star I

Hi,  ASUS Zenfone 8 shows excessive battery drain. It started showing up after the penultimate update. Current version: 33.0210.0210.332. I normally charge overnight. Now in the evening regularly 20-30% less battery capacity than before the update. Settings-Battery-Battery usage is excessive in "Others", other applications and the system have battery drain without changes.


Thank you keren_Asus for your feedback. Software version 33.0210.0210.332. Battery drain by Others all the time. System mode Durable. I attached screenshot. Please fix this bug.

Rising Star I

Same here. But far before the latest update. My Zenfone 8 drained straight from the box when i bought it new. It went to Asus Repair three times. Not even once they were able to 'reproduce' the issue. And simply sensed it back unrepaired. The so called Other Apps drain the phone. Even when nothing else is installed. Also in safe mode the battery drains in no time. No energy saving setting or anything else will prevent this. Stand by alone kills the battery within hours sometimes. 

Also here on ZenTalk Asus doesn't get much further then suggestions of restarting your phone, reset it, taking screen shots of the drain (?) or use their logging tool. Save yourself the hassle. Nothing will matter. The phone will keep draining and Asus won't be able to fix it for you. Or they won't. You bought an inferior product with an inferior service. Sad, but true. 

Star II

Hi @keren_ASUS 

Has the Asus team found the cause of the battery drain problem? When can we expect this issue to be resolved?