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Proximity sensor problem during conversation

Rising Star I
During the conversation, when I hold the phone to my ear, sometimes the screen wakes up and my ear starts up various functions of the phone. This is very common after updating to Android 12, previously it was less. Please solve this problem ASAP. Phone software version: 31.1010.0410.72, APP software version:

@Jjarek23 @kristoffia
I will send you a PM as we are trying to solve the issue and might need some more info 🙂

Rising Star II
I took have noticed this issue too the other day when I was on a call its like the screen didnt know when to turn on/off when I was putting it against my ear

Star III
It's a serious issue. Yesterday the phone made calls to 2 of my contacts while it was inside my pocket. Mind that I have turned on Pocket mode and turned off glove mode. Something to do with touch sensitivity, I guess it's too high.

Rising Star I
@Mattias_ASUS any news on the issue? the new update didn't change anything. constantly pressing buttons with my ear (going on flight mode, calling somebody else, opening qr-reader,...) during regular phone calls and always pressing buttons when phone is locked and inside my pocket.
please, it's really bad!

@steve02 Thanks for tagging me, this way I can follow the thread better.
I was waiting for a reply from other users' info but their info didn't arrive, maybe you can help me with it!
We need to go slightly deeper this time since it's such a weird bug and I might need some more info if that is ok with you.
We need to analyze your phone with our log tool in order to find out why this issue is happening.
Before we start, bear in mind that the log tool will continuously collect data on your phone during the time it's active. if you are okay with this, here is what you need to do:
*** (Please read through all the steps before you begin. It's important that you do this in the correct order.)***
1. Enable the built-in log tool by inputting .19595+= in the calculator app.
2. Tap 'Generate' under General cases.
3. Start a video recording with another device and make sure that we can see the clock on your phone.
4. Replicate the issue or wait for it to happen.
5. Stop the video recording.
6. Navigate back to the log tool and tap 'Finish and Share'. Wait a couple of minutes for it to finish.
7. When finished, tap 'Share' and save the log to your Google Drive.
8. Upload your video to the same Drive folder and send me the link. Make sure to change the link permission so that everyone with the link can view it.
9. Deactivate the log tool again by inputting .09595+= in the calculator app.
Please send this information to me as a PM and I'll make sure to forward the information to the technicians.