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No SoT ZenFone 8

Star II
  • Still no screen on time in battery settings for ZenFone 8 after some update.... Looks like this phone looses settings with the passing of time.


I'm actually using a Zenfone 10, but I have the same bug (above). The phone is running build 33.0220.0220.101, but it started with build 33.0220.0220.75 if I recall correctly. I've also attached an image from build 33.0220.0220.52 (below)



Star III

I have the same problem zenfone 8 lost the ability to check sotu. volte in poland also does not work so far. i despise your company never again asus.asus does not fix problems it adds them after the update is complete.... DO NOT BUY ASUS PHONES.

Hello, we're deeply sorry to hear that you're still experiencing these issues. Our aim is always to ensure our customers are satisfied. However, as the problems persist with the battery and VOLTE, we recommend reaching out to your nearest service center for assistance.

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