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No SoT ZenFone 8

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  • Still no screen on time in battery settings for ZenFone 8 after some update.... Looks like this phone looses settings with the passing of time.

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Same here, ZF10.

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I buy this 8 last Day. Have to Ask what Time you got with full BATTERY.  I charge IT on 1.5hours and feom 100 to 95% fev ninutes LIGHT IS LOWEST settings and 4g use. How this phone can even use because of BATTERY drajn. Last Day internet use no videos no gaming and not Even 4hours with full BATTERY 

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I heard somewhere that If BATTERY drains extremely fast. Supposed use charger up to 7hours? But i dont get that what IS The point of that. I really dont understand. 

No when i charge this battery IS little better. But Have to say If you charge your phone on Morning. That doesnt last whole Day. 4h with full BATTERY that doesnt sounds normal. Because of My settings. Only 4g and adsptive refreshrate so that changes by use that. Backlight 0% whole Time. Still something like 4h.

Have to continue to solve this issue. My last oneplus 11 lasts same use over 10h and 5000,mha battery. Now 4000mha same use only 4h-4.5h and that IS not good.


Hi @Danielqrx Can you please share a little more details on the issue you're facing? 


@SGHFan @Redbone86 


Can you share screenshot of battery usage when the battery drain issue happened and system version? Thank you!