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Cant connect to wi fi network (NOT A ROUTER) my building has strong wi fi signal

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I just got this zenfone 8. i go in to try to access internet by wifi and it doesn't connect. I put in password correctly. It shows every time (Unchanged) in the password settings. So it appears it doesn't even register password. I'm intimidated HIGHLY by phone's operation and functions and specially using mobil data.


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I will follow the PM instructions  and will follow up after i finish or upon concluding, etc..
First, though, I'd like to if i can briefly, update my wi-fi ish, and explain a little that I didn't really understand wi-fi and in my posted issue (herein about not connecting...) and was tripping on the wi-fi signal that looked strong in my apt. building wasn't a network to hop on to, it was padlocked (and I thought that that indicated secure, so more so, yes-I'd like that one. But that's not (obviously) how it works. What the list of various wi-fi users were are users themselves or it wasn't because I live here and there's their online wi-fi  that shows up, w/padlock icon so, now that we got that out of the way a little bit...I can just say that it's TMobile's provision of wi fi on my cellular account. So as before, when i clicked on the WF button it was their signal that i captured and used, etc..and so it is and should be at the present time on this (new) phone. So, that's where I'm really at and forgive the ignorance of posted haywire and i better understand 'what's up with that' this point.

   I can also say that at my employ, I have privilege of joining on their real network and have updated my phone's apps flawlessly among other things and that's a pretty nice perk-if you will. But that covers the perimeter of our building, and upon exiting that area, the signal's gone. So, with that, we know the phone's very capable to capture WF. So, i will try in the same process, of getting T Mobile, my cell provider's signal and go from there. I'll as I said, follow up with the instructions as in the reply. Thanks.

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They are Android 13 bugs that they haven't fixed. The only way to fix is to manually download the Android 12 downgrade file and everything works again. Find everything on the Asus support page, Bios and Firmware section of your phone.

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I have the same problem at my Home Network, Disconnecting from WIFI 6-7 times per day. I hope Asus will fix it at next update.

An update already came out in March and they didn't fix anything. I don't think they will release any more.


They will release android 13 this year.