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Can't send or receive MMS

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I hope someone can help me. Since the update last month I can't send or receive MMS. I can't see the APN settings on my phone as well. It seems since the last update APN settings is no longer shown in the settings screen.

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Dear @Mattias_ASUS,

I saw a post in the Zenfone 9 forum about a similar MMS issue "Can't send or receive MMS" which provided an answer and fix to my issue.

I followed the instructions for defining the MMS APN as per Google search "Belong MMS Mobile settings", but instead of an APN Type of just "MMS", I specified an APN Type of "default,dun,supl,mms" which overrode the other APNs that came predefined for my Belong SIM. After selecting the APN which I had just defined/modified, I was then able to send and receive MMS messages.

Hello @asusaxy,
I'm glad to see you managed to find a solution, I am still checking with the team for a hotfix since it might actually be an APN that's being overwritten and it might be connected to something else, I appreciate the information!.

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Community Manager
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