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Phone randomly going out of silent mode

I have my Zenfone 8 on the latest official version (0411.89). I like to keep it in silent mode most of the time. Lately, possibly since the latest update, not sure, it seems to be randomly getting out of silent mode without my input. It definitely ha...

Audio at video from festival

Tried to record a video during festival with zf8 (flagship phone) and after watching it the other day i get shocked. The audio is so terrible in handling bass. Even all my previous other brand phones does it better. Is there any setting or? Found onl...

Phone is completely out

My Asus Zenfone 8 just turned 1 year and 1 month old, i bought it at pre-sale here in the Philippines.It won't charge nor will it turn on. Nothing works, charging it makes the LED light at the bottom give a red blinking indication for a couple of mi...

Can't get One-Handed Mode to work

When I exit Settings after switching One-Handed Mode on, it stubbornly fails. Swiping down still Shows Notifications even though Pull Screen Into Reach is selected. Am I missing something? Is some other Setting interfering with this facility?

fergusd84 by Rising Star I
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Ok Google Not working after latest update

HiI have updated my Zenfone 8 today to version 31.1010.0411.113And after the update Ok Google feature stopped working.When I go to "Hey Google and Vocie Match" settings, option for "OK Google" is disabled with comment: This feature is currently unav...

Zenfone 8 same problem with mic

I and many more people have the same problem with mic on phone, only upper mic is working in 3rd party apps and on loudspeaker calls, it works just fine in stock recorder app, so problem is purely software, yet for more than a year nothing were done ...

Volume fluctuates in and out

I have a Zenfone 8 I just got last month. Lately, with outdoor mode off, the volume seems to be fluctuating in and out, or up and down while playing music. I have seen posts with no resolution. Is there any fix? It happens with all audio from any pla...

Different Versions of Zenfone 8?

I would like to buy a Zenfone 8 but there appears to be different version for different areas of the world. Right now I have found model numbers ZS590KS-2A011EU, ZS590KS-2A007EU and ZS590KS (without any suffix ending). Does anyone know the difference...