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Gesture Navigation Bug *with proof*

I can no longer single swipe up from apps or EVEN the home screen to look at my app list or activate google without it saying "Please swipe again to trigger". I can only trigger it by double swiping from the bottom. I seriously can't even trigger goo...

The worst technical service I have ever known

Hello everyone, I have sent the phone to Asus technical service to repair several things such as excessive battery consumption, Google assistant does not work well and more things. The case is that the phone was new and when it arrives there they tel...

MASM by Star III
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Wireless Android Auto

After the recent firmware upgrade, the phone no longer takes input from the car GPS via wireless android auto. In the past I could leave the phone in the pocket. Now google map navigation will only work if I exposed the phone to get GPS signals throu...

Does the Zenfone 8 Support the C Band

I understand 5G to be all the rage, but it appears C Band is the thing to have if you're getting into the 5G realm, otherwise there's no point. So, does the Zenfone support the C Band?

Selfie camera led

Hello, is there a way to utilize led around selfie camera for notifications and charging? Its cool but it only lights up on unlocking.

regazus by Star II
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Happened to me twice recently:phone hung up and restarted automaticallyVersion number:

Latest updates explanation

So,there was this latest update that "improved camera quality". But,what did you exactly did? I would like to hear what are the improvements on every update,like how did you make it better that phone wont heat up so easily by firmware update? Etc,you...

Bad audio recording on third party camera apps

Hello, just got my Zenfone 8 yesterday after owning a Zenfone 6 for 2 years, and I am loving it! However, I noticed that the mic/audio recorded in Snapchat and Instagram sounds a lot more muffled/quiet compared to the main camera app which sounds ama...