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Android 13 won't pair with OBD2 reader

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Hey, guys!

1. Zenfone 8

2. BTMF.HSP.1.0.0-00896-QCAHSPROMZ-1.441976.1

3. Not rooted

4. All the time

5. Bluetooth

I am not sure if this happened after the last OTA update or when I upgraded to A13, but now I cannot interact with my OBD2 reader.

It shows up in the list of devices, asks for password, but will not pair. I tried 2 other readers, but still the same. I also tried a Galaxy Note 10 running A13 and an old Samsung J and they worked fine.

Since then I did a factory reset, changed a bunch of Bluetooth settings in the developers options, un-pair everything, still nothing.


Rising Star II

I'll try with mine also and I'll provide feedback. Was fine with A22, but now I font know. I'll let you know. 

Rising Star I

Hi @Ivant, your observations are correct, this happened after update to Android 13. Nobody is able to use heart rate monitors and OBD2 interfaces with Zenfone 8 after A13 update. This was already reported several times by a lot of people, but there seems to be little interest in Asus Support. You can read more about it in the below threads.

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If you happen to have your phone under warranty, you can try to claim it under warranty. Perhaps this will draw the attention of Asus Support to the problem.

Well, that's a bummer, but thank you for the reply. I still have warranty, but this would be the second time I would have to use it and I don't know if the shipping cost is worth it. I'll probably wait for an update, but if it doesn't happen, I'll send it to Asus before I ran out of warranty. Thank you again.

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