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Bluetooth issues with Android 13 update

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Model Name:  ZenFone 8
Firmware Version: WW_33.0210.0210.210 (TKQ1.220807.001.33.0210.0210.210)
Rooted or not: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Every time
Name & APP Version:

- Apps using Bluetooth devices on the fly without being paired on the system. EliteHRV, HRV4Training, KubiosHRV, Polar Beat, SmartRow. Fully updated.

All these apps connect to devices (SmartRow pulley and HRM strap) without having the BT devices paired through the system/OS pairing, but rather do on-the-fly pairing through the apps.

The problem is that since the Android 13 update, the devices connect but don't provide data, apart from SmartRow BT pulley which provides glitchy data with constant dropouts.

I see that Google released an update for Google Pixel that has a fix for bluetooth devices not pairing.
> Fix for issue occasionally preventing connection with certain Bluetooth devices or accessories

Any ETA for ASUS to release it for ZenFone 8? Or any workouts meanwhile? I tried clearing caches, reseting Bluetooth, reinstalling apps, disabling all battery optimizations and OptiFlex through the phone system, no luck.

Thank you


Star I

Hi Mike, 

Just bought a Zenfone 9. 

And I've been frustrated for hours now. 

Exact same problem, my Polar H10 chest strap (that connects like a charm with 2 of my other phones) doesn't provide data to Zenfone 9 even though they are apparently paired. 

The pairing is not complete, though. In Polar Beat for example, it finds the H10 almost immediately and when I tap on PAIR, it pairs it but neither the battery charge status nor the menu with the 4 toggles appears.

Tried with Elite HRV, Polar Flow, Polar Sensor logger, H10 ECG analysis - same result: it sees the strap but no data coming through. 

Tried turning BT on/off, rebooting the phone, and all you too did, but nothing. 

As for the system BT pairing, it finds the H10, and when I tap on it, the dialogue window pops up (syncing contacts) and when I tap on PAIR, the whole thing disappears and the H10 does not go up to the CONNECTED DEVICES section above.

Interestingly I managed to conjure it there somehow twice (see attachment) , but it being there still does not change the story.

I think this is a software bug or something and it won't be fixed by Asus in 14 days during which time I can return the phone to the store and get my money back. I am really pissed off because I already fell in love with this phone. 😢

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Same issue here with a Whoop 4.0 and a Zenfone 8. Refuses to connect. Only happened after Android 13 update. 

Rising Star I

I'm also facing BT issues on my ZenFone 8 after OTA upgrade to Android 13 (the same FW version as the first post).

I'm using Sony WH-XB900N headphones and on Android 12 they were connecting to the phone automatically in a few second. Now I need to go to the BT devices list and click the headphones name a few times to get a successful connection (or use NFC once or twice). The issue was present also on earlier versions of Android 12, but at some point it was fixed and the last few months it was working exceptionally well. But upgrade to A13 brought the issue back.

I also noticed that in recent Android 12 after connection in notification area I saw battery status of my headphones. But this also disappeared after upgrade and now I can only see the BT icon.

I also checked my Suunto Smart Heart Rate Belt and the phone is not receiving data from it. It was working fine on Android 12 and is working fine on a different phone.

I also wasn't able to connect to OBD2 ELM327 Diagnostic Interface. Additionally voice calls couldn't be heard on my car speakerphone. After downgrade to Android 12 everything is working fine again.