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Bluetooth issues with Android 13 update

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Model Name:  ZenFone 8
Firmware Version: WW_33.0210.0210.210 (TKQ1.220807.001.33.0210.0210.210)
Rooted or not: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Every time
Name & APP Version:

- Apps using Bluetooth devices on the fly without being paired on the system. EliteHRV, HRV4Training, KubiosHRV, Polar Beat, SmartRow. Fully updated.

All these apps connect to devices (SmartRow pulley and HRM strap) without having the BT devices paired through the system/OS pairing, but rather do on-the-fly pairing through the apps.

The problem is that since the Android 13 update, the devices connect but don't provide data, apart from SmartRow BT pulley which provides glitchy data with constant dropouts.

I see that Google released an update for Google Pixel that has a fix for bluetooth devices not pairing.
> Fix for issue occasionally preventing connection with certain Bluetooth devices or accessories

Any ETA for ASUS to release it for ZenFone 8? Or any workouts meanwhile? I tried clearing caches, reseting Bluetooth, reinstalling apps, disabling all battery optimizations and OptiFlex through the phone system, no luck.

Thank you


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This Bluetooth connectivity issue is really frustrating, only way i found is restart/reboot the phone every time it gets disconnected, additionally if you are using smart watch too then  its even more frustrating.

wake-up Team ASUS  we need a permanent solution for this.  

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Community Manager
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