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Android 12 Zenfone 8 (Feedback)

Star III
Good Morning!

I received the android 12 update on my zenfone 8, apparently everything is stable, I didn't notice any bugs or other problems, I thank the asus team for the effort.
The only point I've noticed so far, was a slight nerf on the Multi Core of the device, on android 11 with the geekbenchmark, it scores 3640 on the multi core, on the A12, I don't see it coming out of the 3300. Both tests were made with the "high performance" profile. With an optimization, I believe you will be able to resolve this issue in a quick time.

Many Thanks!

Rising Star I
I'm having zero issues with face recognition or fingerprint sensor. Never have any misses.

Star III

On A12 still can't hide/remove under keyboard where is option to choose keyboard (small phone, why need one more extra row for this? Why was so hard asus devs to fix it?) On A11 that was one of most unsatisfied things.

Notifications background ugliest have ever seen. - black or white, depends on phone's theme. Why there is no option for transparent?

Fingerprint scanner works about 70% of the times (crap). Came here from Oneplus 7 pro, where scanner worked 100%

Face recognition sometimes do not work too.

I faced 2 times after update to A12, when front camera indicator stays on after unlocking phone. Need to restart device. Both time was on dark room. Maybe camera still try to capture face to unlock or maybe green dot bug.

Lovely to see more options for AOD, now same 3 types.

I think, for Asus to choose 888 was mistake. Its a battery hungry as hell. I had Oneplus 7 pro, and way bigger screen can use for all day, Now for this small phone sometimes needs to give some juice over day. Very unpleasant. Cant make one day.

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In my opinion Asus do a good job on snapdragon 888 compared to others. With small body, it can cool the temperature effectively. (Oh wait, I don't do intense games 🙂). Most people get Zenfone 8 because we want small phone with good hardware inside. Nowadays most phone all more than 6 inch screen size.
Are you stating with android 12, battery life become worst now?

Star III
For me, after upgrading to Android 12, the battery life is improved a lot (~30% in general). Everything remains very stable and fast.
Some people are not happy with the interface... me too! Very dull color without transparency and ridiculously large quicksetting tiles. But these are Google's choice, not Asus.

Rising Star II
Same here. Battery clearly better on A12.

Star II
Im saying that battery way way better on A12, that was absolutely crap on A11. But battery life on this phone (which is smaller alot, then my previous oneplus 7 pro - same capacity batteries) is good, but not top notch.