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After Android 13 update display turn on and off

Star III

My zenfone 8 continues to turn on and off the screen even when placed on a table/surface lay down, this occurs after updating to Android 13.

I disabled lift wake up and continues...

Its not the power button because it not blocks randomly, just in the lock screen it continues to turn on and off the acreen.



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I have a similar problem with my screen. The solution I found was to turn off the fingerprint and facial recognition to unlock screen, but is not the best option and it would be great to have some better way to avoid this problem...

Tkz for sharing this workaround. Helps me a lot. Because the oficial Asus solution today is downgrade to Android 12 and this process reset phone to default settings and loss all data.

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Any news? Does Asus plan to keep the system broken? My zenfone 8 was too expensive to carry this issue. I was liking Asus as Samsung alternative, but seems they taking too long to solve the problem...

No changes for me too. I still with version ww_33.0210.0210.210 and having some bugs. I hope @Admin Asus generates a new version to solve this. I don't wanna execute any downgrades.