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Weird noise everytime after disconnecting the voice call

Star III
Almost after disconnecting every either voice call or whatsapp call, there is a weird sound from ear piece speaker just for 2 seconds. Whether it is on speaker phone or ear phone.
Is it a hardware problem or software glitch???

Rising Star I
Ya i have also noticed this... Especially when i was on speaker..

Star III
Whenever a phone is disconnected, after updating to android 10, there is a confirmation sound on successful disconnection of call, to enhance its volume, there is a weird noise/speaker noise.... normally if a speaker is at peak volume without any music, just like that...tried to record the screen to make it easier to understand but in screen record audio doesn't records....
Shall now can i get clarity on the same?

Hall of Fame III
Does it make the same sound like when someone turn the power on in movies. Like the sound of high current, power lines?
If yes, then it's power to the stepper motor that's leaking though. But I though this wouldn't happen during normal calls.
So you can only hear it for like 2 seconds in the end of the call?

Star III
Yes, exactly the same!!! Even during making whatsapp voice call, there is same problem.
So, whats the solution to the same?