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Today i took some shots at night and i confirm. The result is a disaster now in Android 10

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I've been reading all the posts about the bad photo quality on Android 10 but honestly i didn't had the chance to test it in detail before.
However today, i had a spare time and it only took a couple minutes to see what everyone are talking about.
I already had taken some indoor photos and i noticed the high noise in darker areas but i went outside and i couldn't believe on what i was looking at. Slightly blured photos (like a shaken photo) and no detail at all, it looked like a watercolour painting. On some photos, darker areas were pinkish, something that i complained before in Pro mode on long exposures but never noticed it in any other mode.
However, i don't know if it's related or not but the few Gcam versions that works, aren't much better neither. Still a little better than stock app but really really worse than before. I'm not sure if they aren't already optimized or somehow related with the stock app bad quality. I don't know how Gcam works but what if the main issue isn't the stock APP itself but something behind it that makes Gcam works so bad also?
Sorry Asus, but i can't accept this quality from €500 device. One of the things that made me buy this phone was his night photo quality and now it takes worse photos than my old device?
I know you are looking at the problem already but i become frightened when i read that the differences you found aren't considerable. They are. If you didn't tested yet at night, outside, please do it. Theres were i found the major differences, not indoor.
I don't a have photo took in Android 9 under the same circunstances in this same places but please look at this photo. This isn't acceptable at all.


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Guys, no reaction??